Perten Instruments acquires Delta Instruments

08-03-2016 | |
Perten Instruments acquires Delta Instruments
Perten Instruments acquires Delta Instruments

Perten is pleased to announce the acquisition of Delta Instruments, a Netherlands-based manufacturer of analysers and testing equipment for milk and dairy products.

Delta is well-known for its long history of product innovation in milk analysis and for outstanding product quality. Its infrared analysers and somatic cell counters are used by leading dairy companies worldwide.

Perten, a PerkinElmer company, provides versatile instruments for compositional and functional analysis. These instruments measure an array of dairy products and ingredients including stabilisers, cream, rennet, dairy powders, butter, cheese, whey products and more. Perten’s product range includes NIR instruments for both at-line and on-line use, texture analysers and rheology equipment.

“Together our two companies offer the most complete range of milk and dairy analysers” says Mr. Gavin O’Reilly, Managing Director and CEO of Perten Instruments. “We look forward to introducing the Delta instruments to our current customers.”

“The strength of the Perten sales and service organization coupled with access to the functional and on-line analysers will be of real benefit to our dairy customers worldwide” reports Mr Pete Emond, Managing Director of Delta Instruments. ” The synergies of the two companies and a shared focus on product innovation fit together very well” he adds.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor