Profit ForFarmers €14.2 million in 2006

21-03-2007 | |

ForFarmers showed a financial result of over €14.2 million in 2006. This is after the deduction of the €2.6 million worth of price reductions that were given to customers.

After this addition, the total own capital of ForFarmers
reached €137 million.
The sales pf animal feed by ForFarmers has seen an
increase of 1.1 million tons to 2.2 million tons in the period 2003-2006. This
growth was mainly the result of increased focus on the core business and the
sales of possessions that were not needed for core business activities. Besides
growth in sales, these decisions also have led to better efficiency and more

The acquisition of BELA in September 2006, increased the
international status of ForFarmers. The first 10 weeks of 2007 also showed a
further increase of sales.

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