R2 Group acquires NutriScan

01-10-2012 | |
R2 Group acquires NutriScan
R2 Group acquires NutriScan

As of 1 October 2012, NutriScan has been acquired by the production and distribution company R2 Group in Hedensted.

NutriScan will be part of R2 Group’s strategic business unit Agro, and according to SBU Director, Peter F. Rasmussen, NutriScan fits perfectly into the other business units of SBU Agro including R2 Feed Partner.

He emphasises that both R2 Feed Partner and NutriScan will continue to sell via distributors and not directly to farmers and that new solutions to the industry will obviously always be for the benefit of the feed industry.

In 2011 R2 Group chose to sell 50 % of its shares to Maj Invest ensuring the financial foundation to continue the aggressive expansion plan which has lead to the acquisition of NutriScan among other companies. In addition to the feed industry, R2 Group also sells raw material and ingredients to other industries such as the food industry, the chemico-technical industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

R2 Group will have nearly 100 employees in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Italy.


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