Russia considers ban on feed production from Argentina

20-01-2015 | |
Russia considers banning feed production from Argentina
Russia considers banning feed production from Argentina

Due to detection of quarantine organisms in Argentine soybean meal, which goes through the ports of Latvia, Russian veterinary watchdog Rosselhozndzor may limit the supply of this production, stated the head of Rosselhoznadzor Sergei Dankvert in Berlin during the “Green Week” conference. The ban may affect not only soybean meal but also feed production.

“Given the large volume of transit deliveries of soybean meal through Latvia, Rosselkhoznadzor does not exclude the possibility of introducing restrictions on such supplies,” Dankvert said.

As Dankvert explained, large supplies of Argentine soybean meal go through the Baltic States and in transit shipments that go via the Baltic ports, Rosselhoznadzor often detects quarantine organisms.

“In particular, the soybean meal transited through Latvia we identified 698 cases of three different quarantine pests (Bidens pilosa, whitestar potato and mat sandbur), with viable seeds of quarantine organisms” said Dankvert.

At the same time, Dankvert added that after the embargo Argentine feed production plays an important role in the Russian market as it replaces supplies that were previously coming in from the EU.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent