Russia to work on antimicrobial resistance

07-04-2017 | |
Russia to work on antimicrobial resistance. Photo: Shutterstock
Russia to work on antimicrobial resistance. Photo: Shutterstock

Russia is backing an FAO-led effort to promote food safety and prevent the spread of medicine-resistant “superbugs” in food and on farms in 5 countries in Central Asia and Eastern Europe with a donation of nearly US$3.3 million.

This is stated on the website of FAO. The bulk of the funding will be used to support action on 3 broad fronts:

• Strengthening the regulatory and legal frameworks that underpin national efforts to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in agriculture and food chains, including the development national response strategies

• Building the capacity of national surveillance systems to monitor and test for AMR in food systems

• Raising awareness among farmers, animal- and human health professionals, food safety authorities and others regarding AMR risks and how to manage them.

The first major push to escalate awareness of AMR in food and agricultural systems in the region will take place next month when FAO and Russia convene an International Conference on Food Safety and Risk Analysis (Sochi, 18-19 May).

Source: FAO

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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