Russia’s aquaculture development gets governmental support

06-07-2012 | |

The Russian Fishery Union has announced the imminent creation of the aquaculture industry concept of development programme.

According to representatives of the Union the programme will accommodate state support for the industry, which will be an indispensable to its development after Russia’s WTO accession.
The development of aquaculture in the coming years will, according to experts, be the main issue of country’s food security, as well as the sustainable development of the livestock industry. One of the most important tasks of the new concept is the integration of the aquaculture industry in production of feed industry.
According to a press release, the new concept of the Union will pursue the following objectives
  1. Formation of a national system of voluntary certification of living aquatic resources, which will be designed to increase consumer confidence in fish and seafood production;
  2. Popularization of the regular consumption of aquaculture products as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle;
  3. Creation of a national system of tracking and tracing the movement of living aquatic resources. This mechanism will allow consumers to obtain accurate and detailed information about the product’s origin; 
  4. Regular monitoring of aquaculture quality, implemented jointly with the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights. Such activities will significantly limit the sale of substandard and unsafe products it will also identify unscrupulous suppliers and processors; 
  5. Development of proposals aimed at the adapting of the aquacultureindustry in accordance with WTO rules. The most important step in this direction should be the formation of evidence-based criteria ensuring the safety of aquacultureproducts.


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