Saudi King pays €3,600 per dead camel

10-01-2008 | |
Saudi King pays €3,600 per dead camel

Camel owners in Saudi Arabia who lost their animals over toxic feed receive a compensation of SR20,000 (approx. €3,600) per lost camel.

This financial assistance will be paid out by King Abdullah and would alleviate the difficulties of many citizens in various parts of the Kingdom who had lost their camels.

Toxic animal feed
According to press reports, nearly 5,000 camels and other animals died in various parts of the Kingdom. Agriculture Minister Dr. Fahd Balghunaim consistently ruled out claims that the deaths were caused by an infectious disease. Tests conducted on the dead animals showed that toxins in animal feed rather than any contagious disease were to blame for the deaths.

Test results showed that the samples contained salinomycin, a compound to which camels are highly allergic. Another toxic substance found in large quantities in the feed was aspergillus clavatus, which is a fungus.

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