Several feed production plants to be built in Russia

24-02-2014 | |
Several feed production plants to be built in Russia
Several feed production plants to be built in Russia

A new feed protein plant, one of the first in Russia will be launched in the Altai Krai region of the country this summer , with the capacity of producing 6,300 tonnes of protein concentrate per year, according to the Government of the Altai Krai.

The plant will be constructed within a project “Russian protein: high-tech production of protein concentrate from oilseeds “, which provides the launch of several enterprises for the production of protein in the country with the totaling approximately 30,000 tonnes. Experts believe that this project is very important for the country, the official deficit of animal protein today amounts to 1 million tonnes in Russia. The implementation of these investment projects will lead Russia to reduce the volume of import during the coming years.

The head of the project, Alexander Herrmann commented that the project provided the creation a network of plants for the production of a protein concentrate to be used in protein-based feeds for livestock and poultry. It will be made of sunflower meal – the most widespread oilseed in Russia. The representatives of the project plan to open five more plants during the coming three years.

2014 will see the launch of the same plants within the Tatarstan Republic and Voronezh region.

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Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent