Slight increase in EU-28 compound feed production

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Slight increase in EU-28 compound feed production
Slight increase in EU-28 compound feed production

The EU-28 compound feed production in 2014 is up 1.1% to 155.8 million tonnes in 2014, compared to the volume produced in 2013.

This is stated in the 2014 statistical yearbook of Fefac, the European Feed Manufacturers Organisation.

In 2014, almost 156 million tonnes of compound feed was produced by EU compounders, accounting for 80% of all purchased feedingstuffs. The value of all feedingstuffs used by EU livestock producers including forages produced on the farm is estimated at €93.0 billion in 2014. This accounts for 37% of all inputs and 54% of the turnover in livestock production.

Meat produced in the EU

The market for feedingstuffs depends on the market for livestock products. In 2014, the EU-28 livestock population produced 49 million tonnes of meat (thereof 7.3 million tonnes of beef, 22.1 million tonnes of pork and 14.1 million tonnes of poultry meat), 160 million tonnes of milk and 7.4 million tonnes of eggs. Average per capita consumption of meat (including horse meat and offals) in 2014 was 89.1 kg, compared to only 50 kg in the EC-6 during the late 1950s. In 2014, the production of pig meat, veal and beef, poultry meat saw a slight increase. The production of goat and sheep meat reduced, compared to the 2013 figures.

The full report can be read here.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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