Sodrugestvo’s Brazilian operations named Aliança

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Sodrugestvo s Brazilian operations named Aliança
Sodrugestvo s Brazilian operations named Aliança

Sodrugestvo has integrated all of its Brazilian operations into one new entity named Aliança Agricola do Cerrado S.A.

As one of the largest soybean processor’s in Sao Paulo state and one of the largest owners and operators of grain storage facilities in the country, the new company will focus on the origination of soybeans in Brazil for Sodrugestvo’s crushing operations worldwide.

Sodrugestvo owns 61% of the company, and CAROL – Cooperativa dos Agricultores da Regiao de Orlândia – 39%.
After two years of operations, Sodrugestvo has become the largest soybean processor in Sao Paulo State; it plans to increase capacity in the near future.

It is also one of the largest owners and operators of grain storage facilities in the country with over one million tons of static capacity available in the States of Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and Goias.

All Sodrugestvo Brazilian and Latin American operations will operate from the new regional headquarters recently opened in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais), where Sodrugestvo already employs 80 people.
Sodrugestvo Group, founded in 1994, is vertically integrated with three business units – specialized infrastructure (including deep-water sea ports), logistics (including railcars and storage facilities) and processing facilities (for the production of proteins and oils from vegetal and animal commodities).

In the past year, Sodrugestvo crushed more than 1.4 million tons of soybeans and rapeseed, making it a leading player in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe, and traded over 3 million tons of agricultural commodities.
Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company has facilities in a dozen countries including Russia, Ukraine, Denmark, Brazil, United States, Switzerland and several Eastern European nations.

With consolidated sales of over $1.8 billion in its fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, Sodrugestvo has enjoyed average annual growth of 20% or more for the last 10 years. Sodrugestvo employs 1,750 and is privately held.

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