SternMaid launches fluid bed technology for better feed

16-04-2014 | |
SternMaid launches fluid bed technology for better feed
SternMaid launches fluid bed technology for better feed

SternMaid, one of Europe’s leading contract manufacturers of powdered products, has gained access to new target groups in the feed industry by introducing fluid bed technology.

Its fluid bed processor permits a vast range of improvements in the processing of ingredients – from a longer shelf-life and better dosing properties through dust reduction to micro-encapsulation of active substances. In this way, it is possible to adjust product attributes optimally and standardise the distribution of the active ingredients in the feed.

For manufacturers of feed ingredients, SternMaid offers ideal conditions for outsourcing production. For example, with its state-of-the-art processing equipment such as fluid bed technology the company is able to produce granulates that ensure optimum yield from the active substances; moreover, the granulates are very easy to use and resistant to heat and pressure – just as the customer needs or wishes. Since the drying temperature in the fluid bed can be selected freely, the product is usually subjected to only moderate heat between 30 and 50 °C.

In this way, heat-sensitive ingredients such as enzymes or vitamins can be processed very gently. Coating makes it possible to upgrade the products by adding minerals or vitamins to ensure an adequate supply to the animals. Moreover, products dried in the fluid bed dissolve much more readily in liquids than the fine powders produced by spray drying. This also facilitates handling of the goods, because the agglomerates, with their compact form, have better flow properties, are easier to dose and contain much less dust.

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