Taiwan unsure about feed additives use

21-08-2007 | |

The Taiwanese government has not yet decided whether it would allow pork on the market raised with the feed additive Clenbuterol. The local media had reported that the government would allow feed additives for imported meat but continue to ban it on local farms.

The Cabinet spokesman said Monday they would look at practices of the World
Health Organization and World Trade Organization before they decide. The
government said they would also consider any health risks and the interests of
the local industry.

Hurt local industry
lawmakers are criticizing the government amongst the rumors that it will allow
imported meat to have feed additives. They say it’s a double standard and will
hurt the local industry. They also say there will be health risks because
Taiwanese eat twice as much pork as Americans and three times as much as
Japanese. Taiwanese people are also fond of intestines, which have high residues
of additives.

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