Twilmij installs KSE flexible dosing system

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Twilmij installs KSE flexible dosing system
Twilmij installs KSE flexible dosing system

KSE has received an order for delivering a Flexible Container Components Dosing System (FCCD) from Twilmij for preparing premixes.The FCCD is deployed for the production of premixes. By purchasing this ingenious system, Twilmij is able to automate and accelerate a number of human acts.

This also ensures an extremely accurate dosing via the two integrated weighers of 5 and 150 kilograms, with a weighing accuracy of respectively +/- 1 and 20 grams.

Clean producing is a high priority for Twilmij, and the FCCD perfectly responds to this demand. By the use of flexible containers, raw materials can easily be changed without any residue.

The use of containers ensures that when Twilmij wants to expand its product portfolio in the future, this can be accomplished very easily by simply adding extra containers.

By the use of RFID readers the controller of the FCCD always confirms if the right materials are dosed. If an incorrect raw material is inside the container, the FCCD will send a message to the operating room guaranteeing safe production.

The FCCD controller also works seamlessly with the current production automation of Twilmij.

“The high accuracy and changing of the containers without any residue is one of the main reasons why we purchased the FCCD, ” said Twilmij director René Slagmolen.

“In addition, the FCCD needs a limited floor space because of the use of containers instead of for example silos. This is beneficial for us because our current factory has no space for high silos. We look forward to take the FCCD in production” said Slagmolen.

Related site: www.kse.nl and see also video of the FCCD.

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