Ukraine starts International School of Feed

22-07-2014 | |
Ukraine starts International School of Feed
Ukraine starts International School of Feed

To step up the interaction and information supply about feed technology in the Ukraine, the Department of Feed and Biofuel Technologies at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Ukraine) has started the International School of Feed (ISF).

The first training session was held last month in Zatoka whereby more than 50 people were given the Certificate of ISF. Nutritionists, technologists, lab managers of the biggest feed mills and researchers took part in this first session.

The idea of ISF is to increase the knowledge and skills to assess the quality of additives, premixes and feed, calculate recipe premixes and compound feed, performance assessment processes for their production. “The formation of ISF is very important for the Ukrainian feed industry, as many nutritionists – especially in the post-sovjet countries – have long been kept away from objective and good information on animal feed. We see that some feed mills have problems with the feed formulation due to lack of knowledge of staff, changing chemical composition of ingredients and formulation for different animal species. With these new training sessions, we aim to step up the skills and bridge the knowledge gap,” says Liudmyla Fihurska, from the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies.

The Academic Council of ISF includes such well-known scientists in the field of research, production and use of animal feed, such as Peter Surai (United Kingdom), Ivan Panin (Russian), Bogdan Yegorov (Ukraine), Jovanka Levich (Serbia), Anatoly Levitsky (Ukraine), Fedor Marchenkov (Ukraine) and many others.

The second session of ISF is planned on 8-15 in June 2015. The organisers are thinking about extending the course with practical training in an actual feed mill or pilot plant as well.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor