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Photo: Dreamstime
Photo: Dreamstime

All About Feed has added the latest 2018 world data and production volumes of the 7 biggest feed producing countries to its online Feed Production Tool.

For strategic decisions, market reports and global insights of the animal feed sector, animal feed professionals are often looking for feed production data on a country or regional level. All About Feed has made life easy for you and gathered open data from Fefac (the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation) for Europe and data from the annual Global Feed Survey from animal nutrition company Alltech (for non-EU countries) and combined this in one clear and easy tool. It gives an easy overview, shown in a graph as well as in a table. All data are shown in metric tonnes (MT).

How much feed is produced in your area or country of the world? Have a look!

2018 data and the big 7 countries

Newly added data are the feed production data for the subregions of the world and the data for the top 7 countries (the big 7) for 2018. These are China, the US, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and Spain. These countries can be viewed as an indicator of the trends in agriculture. All countries showed an increase, except for Brazil, which showed a small decrease in total feed production in 2018 (68.7 million MT versus 69.9 million MT in 2017). China remains the ultimate winner with 187,9 million MT in 2018. This is 5.4% more than in 2017. Also 2018 data for total global production and the subregions of the world are added. 2018 data for Europe and individual European countries will be added in June this year, when Fefac publishes the data over last year.

China has increased its feed production since 2012. Have a look at the trend!

Please note: If you can’t see the tool properly, try to clear your cache / delete your cookies.

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