Vi-COR achieves GMP+ B2 certification for yeast culture plant

19-12-2011 | |

Vi-COR, a manufacturer of specialized yeast culture products for livestock, recently received GMP+ B2 certification for their new 6,500 m2 manufacturing plant and warehouse dedicated to producing Celmanax SCP (Soluble Concentrated Powder).

Celmanax is a combination of yeast culture, mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) and betaglucans. This three-way product can be used in place of multiple ingredients in dairy feed as well as beef, poultry and swine rations.
GMP+ B2 is a feed safety assurance standard that originated in the European Union (EU). It refers to "Good Manufacturing Practice" regulations, which have been derived from the US Food and Drug Administration.
GMP+ B2 regulations require a manufacturer to implement a quality approach to minimize or eliminate contamination and errors and ensure that products are manufactured under strict processes.
Achieving this certification allows Vi-COR to ship their products in expanded markets across the globe and shows their commitment to delivering high quality, safe feed products.
Celmanax SCP not only carries the assurance of GMP+ B2 certification, it is manufactured using an entirely new process that doesn’t require a grain carrier. "This gives the end-user a product with no GMO issues," says Mark Holt, president of Vi-COR.
Vi-COR’s new production process uses considerably less energy to manufacture yeast-based feed ingredients and reduces shipping costs required to transport product around the world.
"When we developed Celmanax, we created a whole new class of yeast-based feed ingredients," Holt explains, adding that they use a proprietary blend of enzymes and process techniques to separate the beneficial structural components of the yeast cell wall.

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