Webinar coming soon: Simplifying Challenges with Software

Webinar coming soon: Simplifying Challenges with Software

On 13 February at 15.00 CET, All About Feed will broadcast a webinar in which the topic of how software can simplify current feed industry challenges, will be discussed.

The webinar hosted in colllaboration with Bestmix, will explore the challenges that are facing the feed industry in the coming years and how software can be a trusty assistant in overcoming issues like raw material sourcing, carbon footprint reduction or the increasing compliance complexity.


The speakers:

Karel Vervaet Senior Product Manager Nutrition, Bestmix Software

As a senior consultant and leader of the Bestmix development team at Bestmix software, he has extensive experience in feed formulation software and collaborates closely with major players in feed and pet food production. Karel’s focus on sustainability drives his efforts to integrate environmental impact considerations into feed formulation software, ensuring a more responsible approach to animal nutrition production.

Raven Brackx Product Manager, Bestmix Software

Raven initially joined Bestmix software as a Bestmix Consultant, dedicating 1.5 years to implementing feed formulation and quality control software. Since then, she has advanced to the role of a product manager at Bestmix software, specialising in quality control software. Her focus lies in refining software solutions to empower businesses to optimise their quality control processes.



Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed
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