Zhengchang plans new feed plant in Brazil

08-08-2014 | |
Zhengchang plans new feed plant in Brazil
Zhengchang plans new feed plant in Brazil

Zhengchang, China’s largest producer of feed machinery is planning to construct its first feed manufacturing plant in Brazil. The company is also looking to broaden its market share in Argentina.

The company currently has 16 branches in China with over 1,300 staff and more than thirty offices all over the world. To explore new markets, Hao Bo, chairman of the Zhengchang Group recently visited a number of Latin America countries in accompany with Xi Jinping, President of People Republic of China.

This was the first time that Zhenchang chairman visited South America with the President. The trip was organised by Investment promotion agencies of China Government.

“We are planning a big project in Brazil and this will improve our business and support services in this country. We also see that Argentina is a big agriculture country and Zhengchang is also looking for opportunities here”, according to Adams Lu, assistant general manager of the company.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor