4 ways to improve crude protein in silage

31-07-2019 | |
Photo: Misset
Photo: Misset

Environmental regulations, lower fertiliser use and selection of unsuitable varieties can reduce the crude protein levels in silage.

It looks like modern grass varieties are more efficient at producing dry matter (DM) yield and using nitrogen (N) to achieve this but this can be at the cost of protein synthesis in the plant., says independent grassland specialist Dr George Fisher to Farmers Weekly.

The other reason for lower crude protein (CP) levels, he says, is the trend towards farmers using less nitrogen fertiliser .But levels can be improved through better nitrogen management, the use of sulphur-containing fertilisers and carefully selecting the best grass varieties at reseeding. Below are 4 ways to improve the crude protein levels in silage.

  1. Choose the best quality grass varieties
  2. Apply the right amount of N and choose the right product
  3. Ensure P, K and sulphur levels are optimised
  4. Test grass before cutting

Source: FWI (link to original full article)

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor