AB Neo launches new dairy feed products

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AB Neo launches new dairy feed products
AB Neo launches new dairy feed products

AB Neo (a division of AB Agri Ltd) introduces two new products for dairy cows; one for cows in the post-partum period and one for calves.

Adding OptiPartum-C to the postpartum ration optimises dry matter and energy intake and unlocks limiting factors in cow performance – enabling them to utilise energy where they need it, be it milk production, body condition or fertility.

Critical post-partum period

The product contains only 1/3 of the energy value of fats and research shows that it can replace 50% of protected fats in a ration, saving farmers money and helping to optimise their cows’ performance in the critical postpartum period and beyond. Research at Schothorst Feed Research in the Netherlands showed that with the product in the ration, half the protected fat can be removed without affecting yield and at the same time, improving postpartum body weight compared to a ration containing only protected fats.

Accelerator for calves

The second new product launched by AB Neo is Axcelera-C, a product offered to calves from day 3 until weaning. The product is a highly palatable, high lactose accelerator that can be used as replacing starter feed for the first three weeks and thereafter at 150g/head/day on top of starter feed. Research indicates that this product reduces the incidence and severity of nutritional scouring in calves – a common problem that can lead to other performance and health issues.

Both new products from AB Neo are launched on 1st September 2015.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor

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