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10-06-2020 | |
Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

All About Feed has partnered with Glowlit to bring our readers access to real-time pricing of feed additives.

This new section offers access to the latest price developments on the feed additives market. In this new section you can get a clear overview of the prices of Vitamins and Amino acids.

Guy Soreq Founder of Glowlit: “Glowlit is a first of its kind platform for market intelligence that creates value for users across the animal feed supply chain. Our model anonymously crowdsources data from industry professionals to give an unprecedented real-time view into the market. In doing so, not only are we able to reflect current market prices on the over 50 products in our system, but also current market demand. Visit Glowlit and enter a recent quote to see your free report on a product of interest.”

Vitamins prices

Get the latest Vitamins prices here. All About Feed has partnered with Glowlit to bring our readers access to real-time pricing. Browse through the prices of Vitamin A1000, Vitamin D3 500 and Vitamin E50 for an up-to-date overview.

Glowlit is a platform that gives access to real-time pricing. Guy Soreq explains how Glowlit source and verify its data:

“Glowlit has automated what was once a time-consuming manual process of data collection. The constant flow of inbound data into the Glowlit system allows us to apply machine learning techniques to continuously improve the algorithm which validates our price entries. Our skilled Verification Team of industry professionals adds an additional layer of price validation. This hybrid verification system allows Glowlit to ensure that rapid shifts in price are accurately and immediately reflected within the system. Glowlit currently has over 22,000 price entries, and is growing each day.”

Check out the new section here and stay up to date.

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Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed
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