Bunge buys two oilseed plants from Cargill

01-03-2017 | |
Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia

Cargill has completed the sale of its soybean/rapeseed crush and oil refinery and the beans discharging operation alongside its processing plant in the port of Amsterdam, Netherlands as well as its soybean/rapeseed crush facility in Brest, France to the company Bunge.

As part of the deal, first announced in August 2016 employees associated with the business have transferred to Bunge.

The total capacity of the two sites combined is around 2 million tons. The takeover means expansion of Bunge’s global oils seed processing activities to important North European destinations. It will also mean optimisation of the global trade and logistics.

Cargill will retain its two other soybean processing facilities in Western Europe, in the ports of Barcelona in Spain and Liverpool in the United Kingdom, together with a solid network of offices to distribute protein meal to its customers. The company also has an extensive network of plants processing and refining other oilseeds and tropical oils across Europe and it continues to focus on serving its customers and growing its longer term business in this region.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor