Canada: Churchill Port utilisation programme a success

13-12-2012 | |
Canada: Churchill Port utilisation programme a success
Canada: Churchill Port utilisation programme a success

The first year of the Churchill Port Utilisation Programme (CPUP) saw traffic shipments through the Manitoba facility remain strong, announced Agriculture minister Gerry Ritz.

The programme was introduced in April 2011, as a transitional measure to maintain shipment levels of grain close to historical averages through the Port of Churchill, Canada’s deep water Arctic port.

The 2012 shipping season saw approximately 432,434 tonnes move through Churchill compared with the 10 year historical average of just over 450,000. These totals not only include wheat and durum as was the case in 2011, but also include barley and canola.
“With the help of this transition funding, Churchill is well positioned to continue to diversify and maintain the historical average in the future,” said Minister Ritz. “I share the optimism expressed by Manitobans as they explore new avenues for partnership, diversification and growth in this community that brings our farmers’ products to the world.”

In previous years, the CWB was the primary shipper using the Churchill port but this year the CPUP helped attract two new shippers – Richardson International and Nearco Transportation Consulting.

The CPUP is part of a comprehensive package of government initiatives to support economic development in Churchill that also includes:
– providing up to $4.1 million over three years through Transport Canada for Port maintenance;
– extending the project completion date from 2013 to 2015 for infrastructure improvements funded through Western Economic   Diversification Canada; and
– exploring options for the development of the community of Churchill.


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