Cherkizovo opens new grain storage facilities

18-07-2014 | |
Cherkizovo opens new grain storage facilities
Cherkizovo opens new grain storage facilities

The Cherkizovo Group has officially opened its new grain storage facilities in Kamensky District, Penza Region, which will have an overall capacity of 100,000 tonnes, bringing the company’s overall grain storage capacity to 700,000 tonnes.

The company has invested more than 560 million roubles in the Kamenka project, including VAT, and created about 50 new jobs with an average wage 30% higher than the average wage in the region. The Kamenka grain warehouses are installed outdoors. They have a rustproof galvanized coating and can be used in all weather conditions without the need for constructing additional protective structures.

Grain silos of nine containers with the capacity of 12 tonnes each were also installed during modernisation of the Mikhailovsky Fodder Factory, which includes the Kamenka grain storage facilities. Vertical grain storage will ensure long-term preservation, and the condition of the feed grain and air temperature will be continuously monitored. The facility’s production capacity exceeds 250,000 tonnes of feed per year.

The high-tech equipment installed at the plant fully meets energy efficiency standards and requires minimum maintenance costs during operation. All processes at the facilities are automated and controlled remotely using advanced computer systems.

The official opening of the new grain storage facilities on a site near the Mikhailovsky Fodder Factory was attended by Penza Region Governor Vasily Bochkaryov and Chairman of Cherkizovo Group Board of Directors Igor Babaev.

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