Chicken feed products witness a steady trend

30-12-2013 | |
Chicken feed products witness a steady trend
Chicken feed products witness a steady trend

With the input cost being steady, prices of poultry feed products remained unchanged this week. A steady trend in soyameal and a few other ingredients is the main reason behind the stable cost of production.

Soyameal makes up 25% of broiler feed and hence, fluctuation in feed prices depends on soyameal prices, said Aditya Mishra, an expert.

Other ingredients, like Maize, Bajra and Mustard De-oiled cake are also ruling in a tight range without making much impact on the cost of production, said trade experts. Feed prices may continue to rule around current levels in the coming days, said experts.

In the physical market, after ruling flat for almost a week, soya meal dropped by Rs 400 (USD $6.45) to Rs 34,200 (USD $552) a tonne, while Bajra improved by Rs 300 (USD 4.84) and was at Rs 13,600 (USD 219) a quintal.

Di-calcium phosphate was unchanged at Rs 34.60 a kg (USD$0.56), MBM eased by 10 paisa and sold at Rs 31.70 (USD$0.51) a kg while Maize eased by Rs 30 (USD$0.48)  and was at Rs 1,450(USD$24)  a quintal. DRB went down by Rs 400 (USD$6.45)  and sold at Rs 7,500 (USD$121) Rice bran oil was at Rs 55 (USD$0.89) a kg, while Mustard De-oiled Cake dropped by Rs 200 (USD$3.22) and was at Rs 14,800 (USD$238) a tonne.

Feed products

Broiler concentrate quoted at Rs 2,010 (USD$32.29) for a 50-kg bag while Broiler Starter Mash sold at Rs 1,550 (USD$24.98)  for a 50 kg bag.

Pre-lay mash sold at Rs 1,040 (USD$17)  for a 50-kg bag. “Layer concentrate 25%” was at Rs 1,480 (USD$23.82)  for a 50-kg bag while “Layer concentrate 35%” sold at Rs 1,165 (USD$19)  for a 50-kg bag.

Poultry Products

A steady trend was witnessed in the poultry products market on Saturday. Broiler was unchanged at Rs 88-90 (USD$1.42-1.45) a kg, Egg eased by 7 paisa and was at Rs 3.86 (USD$0.06), while Chick went for Rs 25 (USD$0.40), unchanged.

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