Competition to redefine role of corn

19-06-2017 | |
Photo: Henk Riswick
Photo: Henk Riswick

The National Corn Growers Association in the US launched a competition to find new uses for field corn.

The ‘Consider Corn Challenge’ invites innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and academics to redefine the role of corn and explore the broad horizon of opportunity for corn as a feedstock for making sustainable chemicals.

The total prize pool is up to US$150,000 in the form of up to 6 prizes of US$25,000 each. The deadline to enter is 28 September. The winners will be announced in February 2018.

The successful proposal will:

• Use components of the corn kernel as primary feedstock;

• Have a clear path for scale-up to commercial scale;

• Enable a new market for corn;

• Should not detract from an existing corn market;

• Should lead to products with significant market demand;

• Involve a team with experience taking a process or plan from lab scale to commercial scale.

Learn more about this competition and join the contest here.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor