Farmer beefs up production with candy

17-08-2012 | |
Farmer beefs up production with candy
Farmer beefs up production with candy

The long drought is forcing a Kentucky, USA beef cattle farmer to consider feeding candy to his herd replacing corn in the ration, the price of which is just too high.

Owner Joseph Watson at Mayfield’s United Livestock Commodities, is tweaking the recipe for his 14-hundred cattle to no longer feeding them corn.

Watson says he wants his cattle to gain weight, and he says candy and chocolate gets the job done.

“It actually has a higher ratio of fat then actually feeding them straight corn,” he argues.

Watson monitors the daily intake, and he says the nutrition adds up. The candy comes at a big discount and is mixed with DDGS and a mineral mix.

Watson does say though that he will monitor the cost of corn to see if he can go back and use it at some point.

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