Further enhancement of certified soy distribution

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Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Distribution of certified soy has been further enhanced following a new deal between the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) and certification body GMP+ International.

The new agreement allows companies with GMP+ certification to achieve equivalence with the RTRS Chain of Custody Standard, ensuring traceability of soy, a key ingredient in their products. GMP+ International has 19,000 certified companies in nearly 90 countries, making it a leading player in the global certification of animal feed safety.

Collaborating with an organisation recognised for is exemplary track record and reliability in the market has been invaluable. Our partnership with RTRS since 2013 underscores our shared commitment to promoting responsible soy practices.

Roland van der Post, GMP+ International managing director

The major benefit for these companies lies in the ability to obtain multiple certifications during a single audit, through a single certification body, resulting in substantial savings in time and costs. The approach provides them with a competitive advantage by integrating them into the RTRS soy market. At the same time, the demand for RTRS soy is also favoured by GMP+ International’s global operations.

As a global and multisectoral soy roundtable, we take pride in working in synergy with GMP+ International and aligning our strategies around common goals. This certification equivalence is a significant step in promoting the use of responsible soy, providing companies with a new way to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Luiza Bruscato, RTRS global executive director

The agreement comes at a time when the RTRS has announced its first task force in Uruguay, taking place in Montevideo in April, as well as holding a meeting in Brazil later next month. The agenda for both task forces includes updates on the certification scheme and the adoption of certified materials worldwide, covering developments in the 2 nations. In Brazil, new incentives for rural producers in RTRS certification along with sustainability-related issues in the soy chain will be discussed.

Latest figures from RTRS showed that in 2022 a total of 66,374 producers worldwide were certified under the RTRS Standard for Responsible Soy Production.

Tony McDougal Freelance Journalist