Indonesia plans to subsidise dairy cattle feed

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Indonesia plans to subsidize dairy cattle feed
Indonesia plans to subsidize dairy cattle feed

This year, the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture plans to run a pilot project of subsidies for dairy cattle feed.

The Director General of Livestock and Animal Health of Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Syukur Iwantoro said, “The feed subsidy will be tested on 100 groups of dairy farmers in Java: 40 groups in West Java, 20 groups in Central Java and 40 groups in East Java. The feed subsidy is aimed at improving the quality of dairy cattle feed so that milk production will increase.”

Iwantoro added, “How much the feed subsidy will be is currently being calculated and will be proposed to the House of Representatives.”

The chairman of Indonesia’s Milk Cooperative Association, Dedi Setiadi appreciates the pilot scheme, because it will help the dairy farmers with the high price of raw material feed. He calculates, ideally the feed subsidy is around IDR 400 – 600 per kg (€ 0.03-0.05).

Currently, the production of milk per day in Indonesia reached 1.6 million tonnes. Setiadi said, “If the feed subsidy can be made across the dairy farmers in Indonesia, the production of milk per day is expected to increase to 1.9 million tonnes.”

Arief Fachrudin News correspondent Asia
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