Kazakhstan boosts grain export

16-06-2014 | |
Kazakhstan boosts grain export
Kazakhstan boosts grain export

Kazakhstan has exported 1.3 million tons of wheat and meslin (mix of wheat and rye) in January-March 2014, which is 39.3% more than in the same period last year, according to the Agency of Statistics in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In monetary terms, the exports wheat and meslin in the reported period amounted to $305.6 million, which is 7.4% more than in 2013.In addition, Kazakhstan exported 469,600 tonnes of wheat and rye flour (up 39.8%) for $134.8 million (up 18.8%).

Kazakhstan belongs to the world’s largest exporters of grain. In 2013, the country’s harvest of cereals and pulses equalled 18.9 million tonnes, including 14.5 million tonnes of wheat. In 2012, grain output in Kazakhstan amounted to 12.8 million tonnes. The record amount of grain harvest was in 2011 – almost 27 million tonnes.

According to official statics, this year Kazakhstan has been actively raising the export of wheat to Iran. Experts forecast that Kazakhstan will boost wheat supplies to Iran to 1.2 million tonnes in the 2013/14 marketing year, which lasts until June 30. The country supplied 345,600 tonnes of wheat to Iran in the last year.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Russian correspondent