More piglets per sow with Nedap feeding station

02-03-2015 | |
More piglets per sow with Nedap feeding station
More piglets per sow with Nedap feeding station

Nedap will present a pig feeding station at this year’s VIV Asia exhibition that, as the company claims, increases the amount of live-born piglets per sow and thus ensures more net profit.

With Nedap’s pig feeding one sow will have 0.5 more live-born piglets annually. The results, Nedap says, are confirmed by the experiences of agricultural company Thomas Livestock. The American Georgetown-based farm, home to 4,000 piglets, has accomplished an increase of 0.5 live-born piglets per sow in a single year. Nedap claims this change for the better was made possible by their electronic pig feeding and management system.

Individual piglets remain in top shape

Steve Horton, production manager at Georgetown Sow Facility: “My experience is that Nedap’s existing group accommodation system with individual care on this location provides the perfect combination of work, nursing individual piglets, and performance. The Pig Feeding Station for pregnant sows, based on a sophisticated feeding strategy, guarantees that individual piglets will remain in top shape, even in large groups. Heat detection and separation of piglets can be linked to it,” Steve Horn explains.

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