New feed boosts Uganda’s milk production

14-08-2012 | |
New feed boosts Uganda's milk production
New feed boosts Uganda's milk production

Makerere University in Unganda’s capitol Kampala has unveiled an animal feed that increases milk production in dairy cattle by 30% per consistent intake.

The Milk Booster Feed that was developed from research funded by World Bank Millennium Science Initiative through Government of Uganda coordinated by the National Council for Higher Education sought to translate science into eligible sellable products.

Dr. Fred Kabi the Principal investigator from the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences unveiled the innovation at the Source of the Nile Jinja Agricultural Trade show recently. He said the raw materials (molasses) are byproducts of sugar processing.

“The University had the knowledge but lacked the finances inclusive and so we introduced the idea to Kakira Sugar Factory who approved it for research,” Kabi said.

“Discussions have been on for a long time since it was tested amongst zero grazing farmers until May 2012 when it was approved.”

The 5kg pack was first produced on laboratory scale in limited capacity to get it introduced to farmers before it is rolled out to several parts of the country.

The milk booster costs Ushs 10,000 ($4) and is mixed with the forage to get it to the animals. Milk production increased by 30%, which makes the product worthwhile.

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