New methionine complex comes on stream in Singapore

07-11-2014 | |
New methionine complex comes on stream in Singapore

The new methionine complex of Evonik Industries in Singapore officially came on stream on November 4, 2014 after two years in construction. This plant has an annual capacity of 150,000 metric tonnes, bringing Evonik’s methionine capacity worldwide up to 580,000 metric tonnes.

Progress in feed technology, rapid population growth and rising consumption of meat in the region are fuelling Asia’s high methionine demand.

The company has spent over €500 million on the complex, the most it has ever invested in a single chemical project. “Methionine is one of our core businesses and Asia is the fastest-growing methionine market in the world. This is why we decided to build here,” Klaus Engel, Chairman of the Executive Board of Evonik Industries explained.

The main reasons for choosing Singapore as the site for the new plant in Asia were the excellent local logistics, the business-friendly, stable environment, and the high level of education. The new production complex will create around 200 jobs for highly qualified individuals.

In addition, Evonik is investing in amino acid specialties with high growth rates. New production plants for methionine formulations that are tailored to the biology of other animal species are currently under construction: Mobile (Alabama, USA), for instance, will have a new plant for the production of DL-methionine, used in the feeding of dairy cattle. For shrimp and other crustaceans in aquacultures, Evonik has developed a dipeptide made up of two methionine molecules. The first production plant for this is being built in Antwerp, Belgium.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor