Poultry health improved by ensiled kernel maize

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Poultry health improved by ensiled kernel maize
Poultry health improved by ensiled kernel maize

The inclusion of ensiled kernel maize in broiler feed can decrease bird mortality, improve litter condition and improve foot pad health.

This is according to a PhD study from Samir Ranjitkar, at the Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University, Denmark. The study looked at ensiled (fermented) maize kernels and the effect on poultry health.

Fermented feed could be used as an alternative to AGPs

According to the researchers of this study, fermented feed has been suggested to have a potential as alternative to AGPs, considering its positive influence on broiler performance and maintaining healthy gut. Therefore, two feeding experiments were carried out with Ross 308 male broilers to test the crimped kernel maize silage (CKMS).

The birds were fed with maize based diets containing 15% CKMS (CKMS-15) and 30% CKMS (CKMS-30). Diets based on wheat (WBF) and maize (MBF) was used as control diets. The results from the two experiments showed that the growth performance of broilers with the feeding of 15% CKMS was similar to the broilers in control maize based treatment.

Trials show improvement in foot pad health and decreased mortality rate

Both feeding trials showed an improved foot pad health and a decreased mortality following addition of CKMS as compared to the control diets, attributed to the lower moisture content in the litter. Further, the meat quality parameters mainly colour, tenderness and juiciness increased with the inclusion of CKMS in the maize based diets.

The full PhD thesis can be downloaded from here.

[Source: Aarhus University]

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