Price aids US corn exports regain market share

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Price aids US corn exports regain market share
Price aids US corn exports regain market share

Exports of US coarse grains and co-products to the Middle East and North Africa have regained ground dramatically this marketing year due to price, world market conditions and consistent trade servicing.

As of Aug. 21, the region had outstanding sales and accumulated imports of US corn of nearly 4.4 million metric tons (173 million bushels) for this marketing year, which ends Aug. 31. This is in stark contrast to the fewer than 300,000  tons (11.8 million bushels) that went to the region in 2012/2013. “The US Grains Council is staying in touch with the major buyers in the region, reminding them what’s going on with U.S. price wise,” said USGC Regional Director of the Middle East and Africa Cary Sifferath.

“We are also reminding them about U. corn and DDGS, corn gluten feed and other products to help them consider bringing in some combination shipments. The Council also does a fair number of technical programs working with the feed, broiled and dairy industries to keep them up to date.”

[Source: US Grains Council]

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