Product: Fenchem maintain Tocovet is dioxin free

15-05-2013 | |
Product: Fenchem maintain Tocovet is dioxin free
Product: Fenchem maintain Tocovet is dioxin free

As is well known recently, dioxin contaminant in natural vitamin E threw a gloom over the market. A certified lab found that the dioxin level of an antioxidant formula product in pet food market was over the limit of EU regulation, tracing to the raw material mixed tocopherols contaminated by dioxin.

Fenchem, provides Natural Vitamin E of high-quality and safety, branded as Tocovet, meeting the strict regulations of EU about dioxin contamination. The strict quality system guarantees the strict raw material and processing control to eliminate all the possible dioxin contaminants. We provide reliable 3rd party report (SGS, Eurofins and etc) to support Tocovet is dioxin free .

The contamination probably attributes to high dioxin level in the raw material, deodorised distillate of soybean oil. Deodorised distillate oil is a by-product of the refinement of vegetable oil. In the process of purification, deodorised distillate tends to gather dioxin and pesticide absorbed by soybean from soil and air.

From raw material to final products, Fenchem strictly controls the dioxin level below the limit of EU regulation. Fenchem implements strict raw material supplier control and audit system, and the dioxin level is always an important controlled item.

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