Russia to open first protein concentrate plant

24-11-2014 | |
Russia to open first protein concentrate plant
Russia to open first protein concentrate plant

Russia’s first plant for the production of protein concentrate from oilseeds is to be launched in the Republic of Altai on November 28, according to reports by the press service of the country’s Union of Organic Farming.

The new plant will produce 6,300 tonnes of protein concentrate per year, according to official information.

“Sunflower protein concentrate is used as a protein-based feed for livestock and aquaculture. The innovative technologies will allow producing a natural, environmentally friendly product with high protein content of 83% (compare to 50-56% of soy concentrates) for use in the diets of pigs, chickens and fish,” commented the representatives of the project.

The plant was built as part of the large-scale federal project ‘Russian Protein’. The project includes the construction of a second plant for the production of sunflower concentrate with the capacity of 27,000 tonnes in 2016 in Voronezh Oblast. The third plant with the same capacity will be launched in the Republic of Tatarstan in 2017.

In total there will be four plants constructed by 2020. The location of the forth enterprise is still to be determined.

“The project will help the Russian feed industry to reduce its dependence on imports of protein and to meet the demand of the market with modern and eco-friendly products,” said Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Andrei Volkov.

By 2020 the project will increase the level of self-sufficiency of the Russian feed industry in protein concentrate to 60%.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent