Saudi dairy to grow feed crops abroad

04-09-2017 | |
Photo: Henk Riswick
Photo: Henk Riswick

To save water, crops in Saudi Arabia cannot be irrigated anymore as of 2019. Farming companies therefore looking for ways to grow feed crops abroad.

Forbes reports that depleted groundwater reserves has forced commercial agriculture companies such as National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC) to grow their livestock forage crops abroad.

Alfalfa and other crops for cattle feed

NADEC, one of the largest dairy producers in the Middle East, has started growing alfalfa and other crops for cattle feed in Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, and other countries. The crops are harvested and then transported back to the company’s homeland dairy farm in Saudi Arabia.

New communication tools

To do this smoothly, NADEC started to use new tools to communicate with shippers and fleet operators across different countries. The dairy company therefore moved its logistics applications and infrastructure into the cloud. This helps NADEC identify the best shippers and determine the fastest delivery routes. NADEC estimates that moving its applications infrastructure to the cloud has reduced operational costs by nearly 40%.

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Source: Sasha Banks-Louie for Forbes

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