Soybean processing plant to be built in Russian Far East

02-09-2015 | |
Soybean processing plant to be built in Russian Far East

Russian company Amuragrotsentr will build a plant for deep processing of soybean in the Belogorsk area in the in the Amur Oblast, in Russia Far East. Construction starts in September, said the company’s CEO Alexander Sarapkin. The plant is to process 240,000 tonnes of soybean anually.

The plant will produce 200,000 tonnes of soybean products, such as oil, meal and lecithin as raw materials for animal feed.

Isolated soy protein

The production of soybean products is the first stage. Amuragrotsentr also plans construction of a second stage of the plant which will focus on the production of isolated soy protein. According to Alexandr Sarapkin, the plant will meet a quarter of the total demand of isolated soy protein on the Russian market.

Isolated soy protein can be used for compound feed production, but can also be added to meat products, such as sausages. According to the company it will take five years to earn the investment back. How much money goes into the project, is not disclosed. Amuragrotsentr states the project is funded by the company’s own funds.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent