UK feed sector happy with new food waste plan

17-10-2018 | |
UK feed sector happy with new food waste plan
UK feed sector happy with new food waste plan

The UK Former Foodstuffs Processors Association (UKFFPA) has welcomed the recently-announced Government initiative on food waste.

While the Association represents companies processing former foodstuffs into animal feed, it believes that the first priority is to use as much food as possible for human consumption.

Promoting circular economy

Paul Featherstone, Chairman of UKFFPA, says “As an industry we are committed to promoting WRAP’s (Waste and Resources Action Programme) food material hierarchy which sets as its first priority that all food fit for human consumption is consumed by humans. This initiative aims to improve the amount of food for human consumption. We applaud and support that objective, while continuing to play a vital role in the ‘circular economy’ of the food supply chain. “The UKFFPA Members play a vital role in reducing waste in the food chain and ensuring that foodstuffs not fit for human consumption are processed into valuable animal feed rather than ending up in single-use bio-energy production or, worse still, landfill.”

Broken biscuits and unwanted pasta

Each year some 650,000 tonnes of ‘former foodstuffs’, ranging from broken biscuits to unwanted pasta, is turned into valuable animal feed with an energy value equivalent to feed wheat from around 92,000 hectares of farmland.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor