US corn growers congratulate Trump

10-11-2016 | |
Photo: NCGA
Photo: NCGA

The National Corn Growers Association congratulated Donald Trump on his election as the 45th President, and pledged to work with the new Administration and Congress on important issues of the day.

“The American people have spoken. Now, it is time for us all to set aside our differences, roll up our sleeves, and get to work,” said Wesley Spurlock, a farmer from Stratford, Texas, and president of the National Corn Growers Association.

“As a supporter of the No Labels movement, the National Corn Growers Association believes in bipartisan problem-solving and building a more responsive and accountable government. We stand ready to work together with President-Elect Trump and the new Congress to make government work better for us all,” said Spurlock.

“We look forward to working with the Trump transition team and assisting in any way possible to make his Administration a successful one,” said executive vice president Jon Doggett. “The National Corn Growers Association is committed to working with the White House and Congress to solve important policy and regulatory issues and move our country forward.”

Spurlock urged the current Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement during its lame-duck session in December.

“Congress still has important work to do yet this year. We urge Congress to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership when they return to Washington next month. TPP is the one thing Congress can do right now to increase farm income, generate economic activity, and promote job growth. Campaign rhetoric has set America’s trade agenda back years. Let’s take a big step back in the right direction and pass TPP,” said Spurlock.

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