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28-10-2014 | |
Dr. Marcel Wubbolts and Dr. Gilbert Weber presenting the Science & Technology Award Asia, China Nutrition 2014.
Dr. Marcel Wubbolts and Dr. Gilbert Weber presenting the Science & Technology Award Asia, China Nutrition 2014.

Royal DSM recently announced that the DSM Science & Technology Award Asia 2014 with emphasis on Animal Nutrition in China has been awarded to Dr. Na DONG from Northeast Agriculture University, Harbin, China, in recognition of the exceptional contribution that her Ph.D. research has made to the design of novel antimicrobial peptides potentially replacing the traditional antibiotics.

The Science & Technology Award Asia is part of DSM’s Bright Science Awards programme, and this year the award was presented in collaboration with the Animal Nutrition Branch of the Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine during the 7th China Academic Symposium of Feed Nutrition, which took place in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province.

Dr. Na DONG received the award for her Ph.D. research on the molecular design, biological activity and antibacterial mechanisms of β-sheet antimicrobial peptides, which she conducted under the supervision of Professor An-Shan SHAN. An international jury of leading scientists selected Dr. Na DONG as the winner out of four finalists, after each had presented their research in a short lecture during a special DSM-CANA symposium. The award was given to Dr. Na DONG on October 18 by Dr. Marcel Wubbolts, Chief Technology Officer of Royal DSM as part of the programme of the symposium.

The jury chose Dr. Na DONG because of her excellent contribution to groundbreaking molecular design on short peptides with exceptional antimicrobial properties. The outcome of this research has the potential to replace antibiotics used as therapeutics to improve gut health and to counteract infectious diseases of various origins in farm animals. There might also be opportunities to develop this concept further for maintaining human health. Dr. Na DONG will present her doctoral research at the Swine Nutrition Science Seminar on October 20 at the recently opened DSM China Animal Nutrition Center in Bazhou.
Nominees and runners-up were:

Dr. Gang LIN, China Agriculture University, Beijing, China

Ph.D. Thesis: Impaired Placental Pentose Phosphate Pathway of IUGR Fetal Pig and Its Nutritional Regulation

Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. De-Fa Li, Academician

Dr. Lei LIU, Shandong Agriculture University, Tai-An, China

Ph.D. Thesis: Mechanism of Glucocorticoids Regulating Appetite in Stressed Poultry

Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Hai LIN

Dr. Jian-Zhang TAN   China Agriculture University, Beijing, China

Ph.D. Thesis: Effects of Dietary L-Arginine Supplementation on Immune Functions in Broiler Chickens Challenged with Different Pathogens

Ph.D. Supervisor: Prof. Yu-Ming GUO

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