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Bob Luedtke Information Technology

Bob is a Senior Solution Specialist for Feed Management Systems, Inc. Bob brings extensive experience in the analysis, sales, support, installation, and training of Feed Management Systems’ products, including financial, labeling, compliance and production systems. Bob was born and raised on a large cash grain and livestock farm inFairmont, MN, and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Agricultural Economics. He managed the farm for several years before creating a consulting business working with startup agricultural companies. Bob also built and managed a vegetable production and processing company that was the first commercial producer of Edamame in the US. Bob joined Feed Management Systems in 1996, and has held positions in Product Support, Sales, Product Management and Partner Channel Development. He gained recognition in discussing with the media FMS’s role in helping the feed company that provided products to the producer where the first case of BSE was discovered in the US, and led to FMS’ first Food Safety Award from the AFIA in 2004. He has worked with feed and agricultural companies in North and Central America, Asia and South Africa, analyzing the business needs of over 300 feed mills and designing technology implementation guidelines. His experience and recognition in the feed industry led to his election as hairman of the Information Technology Committee of the American Feed Industry Association, and Chairman of the Emerging Technologies Committee of AgGateway.

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