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Prévéraud Adisseo
Damien Prévéraud Adisseo Global scientific and technical manager feed integrity, Adisseo

Damien Prévéraud obtained a master’s degree at the engineering school UniLaSalle Institut Polytechnique Beauvais, France, in Nutrition and Health. He worked for 4 years in Canada as a scientist at agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on the absorption of vitamins. He obtained a PhD in Biology and Nutrition at the University of Marseille, France, where he studied the interaction between fatty acids and vitamin E absorption. Prévéraud joined Adisseo in 2009 as a research manager in charge of the vitamins research programme. In 2018, he became solution developer for health by nutrition products (probiotic mainly) and for the mycotoxin management portfolio. Since 2023, he has been appointed as global scientific and technical manager for the feed integrity category, which includes work on mycotoxin deactivators and feed preservatives.