Diamond V Partner Profile

Diamond V is a global animal health business founded in 1943 and has been a leader in research and development of microbial fermentates with over 500 controlled studies on efficacy in many species.  Our scientific research, innovative fermentation technology, and unique immune health products have earned the respect and trust of customers worldwide. Our state-of-the-art research and innovation center and food-grade manufacturing facilities in the USA use exclusive Diamond V technology in many types of microbial fermentation platforms. Quality in everything we do remains the cornerstone of our success, ensuring that all our products provide optimal performance, consistency, and safety. As a privately-held company, we attribute our success to research, our products and people dedicated to the good health of animals. And to ensure that farmers succeed, our hands-on animal care teams work with them closely, providing guidance and sharing best practices. To take advantage of our expertise visit Knowledge Hub.  More about Diamond V