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06-08-2012 | Expert opinion

Perfect piglet feed

21-06-2012 | Expert opinion

Heat Stress Additives

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Salmonella control in feed

31-05-2011 | Expert opinion


10-05-2011 | Expert opinion

Can fababeans replace soya?

Ioannis Mavromichalis Nutrition

Dr Ioannis Mavromichalis holds graduate degrees on pig nutrition from Kansas State University (MSc 1997) and University Illinois (PhD 2000). He is the author of over 500 technical publications including journal papers, book chapters, reviews, articles, newsletters, and regular columns in technical magazines. He has also done considerable ghost-writing work, and he is now offering technical writing know-how to corporate clients worldwide.   In 2008, Dr Mavromichalis formed Ariston Nutrition SL, offering worldwide consultancy and nutrition services to pig producers, premix compounders, feed manufacturers, genetic houses, and additive suppliers. Services range from feed formulation to product development, from advice on additives to research design, from complete nutrition reviews to practical on-farm recommendations.   In 2007, he published a book titled “Applied Nutrition for Young Pigs”, a subject for which he is considered one of the top experts worldwide, combining in a single volume extensive scientific knowledge and wide practical experience.   In his previous occupation, Dr. Mavromichalis held field and executive technical positions in major feed nutrition suppliers in USA and Europe.