Olmix Company profile

Olmix Group is developing an international ecosystem of partners – farmers, integrators and distributors – to grow plants and raise animals while ensuring profitability for farmers and breeders. Algae are a key raw material which, associated with clay and trace elements through unique innovative processes, have enabled Olmix to develop concrete solutions for the worlwide agricultural transition along with improved production practices based on a wide range of scientifically proved products renowned by their efficiency. These natural solutions help farmers and breeders to undertake more respectful production strategies that not only lead to better health, welfare and nutrition of both plants and animals, but also to a positive impact on the environment by decreasing the use of synthetic chemical products. This approach aims as well to preserve the capacity of the world to ‘feed’ the increasing global. Through our ranges of innovative products, both under the form of final products or ingredients, and with the collaboration of distributors and integrators, we are able to demonstrate that there is a way to reconcile economic and environmental performances in agriculture.