Attend our webinar on “Deleterious effect of Chronic inflammation and how PhytriCare® IM supports the immune function” which will be hosted on March 23 at 15:00 CET.

About this webinar:

Sows and layers face permanently various stress factors at different stages throughout their lives, and all can lead to inflammation and pain. Flavonoids are secondary plant metabolites. This large family of molecules has been scientifically investigated to understand their metabolic effects and some of them demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects. PhytriCare® IM is a mixture of carefully selected plant extracts to modulate but not suppress the inflammatory response, thus boosting animal health and performance and promoting efficient food production.


Dr. Cecile Gayrard

Research Manager in animal nutrition – Physiology & Immunology at Evonik

Detrimental consequences of Chronic inflammation on performance of sows and laying hens and the modulation effect of flavonoids

Álvaro Ortiz García

Health & Physiology specialist and Technical Manager at Evonik

PhytriCare IM – the new solution to tackle chronic inflammation, an example from Hungary on sow performance

Marieke Ploegmakers

Editor and host All About Feed