For strategic decisions, market reports and global insights of the animal feed sector, animal feed professionals are often looking for feed production data on country or regional level. All About Feed has made life easy for you and gathered open data from Fefac (the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation) for Europe and the annual Global Feed Survey from animal nutrition company Alltech (for non-EU countries) and combined this in one clear and easy tool. Please note that these figures are estimates.

  • The total EU compound feed (and total per EU country) include sum of: cattle, pig and poultry feed, milk replacers and others.
  • The total world  and Big 7 compound feed (and total per world regions and country of Big 7) include sum of: pig, poultry and cattle feed, pet food, horse feed and aquafeed. 

The data presented here reflect trends in the animal feed market. Simply select type of feed, region and sub-region and the years / period. You can also select more than one feed type. 

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