Dairy Development Corp to produce animal feed

22-09-2014 | |
Dairy Development Corp to produce animal feed

Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) plans to diversify from dairy products and try their hand at feed production. The corporation proposes to produce feed for cows, bulls and buffalos from a plant here by installing modern equipment.

The state-owned corporation will be making an entry into the animal feed business by utilising the infrastructure of the Livestock Feed Production Development Committee (LFPDC). The government has dissolved the committee and handed over its assets to DDC.

Saroj Kumar Simkhada, project head of the Hetauda Dairy Distribution Project, said that DDC would offer animal feed at competitive prices to farmers as they were being forced to pay too much for the products. On Sunday, a technical team from India studied the feed factory where DDC will be installing new machinery.

“Since we are importing equipment from an Indian company, its technical team made a field visit to install the machines,” said Simkhada. “The machinery left behind by the LFPDC cannot be used in the changed competitive context.”

Simkhada said that the equipment installed by the LFPDC had become obsolete and that DDC could not be competitive in the market by producing livestock feed using such outdated technology. Earlier, DDC had invited tenders for new machinery.

Initially, DDC had repaired the LFPDC’s old machinery and assigned staff to get the factory operational again. DDC officer Arjun Humagain had been named the manager.

Source: EKantipur

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